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Do you buy online? With Deliberty prime mailbox receive and return your online purchases without having to be at home.

Un buzón, una aplicación y mucho tiempo para aprovechar. Deliberty es tu nuevo buzón inteligente para recibir y devolver paquetería online en tu vivienda.

Comprar online nunca ha sido más fácil gracias a Deliberty. Compra desde donde quieras y no te preocupes por la entrega, tu pedido te esperará en tu buzón Deliberty, en la puerta de tu casa.

Olvídate de negociar con el repartidor, olvídate de desplazarte a recoger tú pedido, olvídate de esperar largas colas en tu punto de recogida habitual, olvídate de cargar con tu compra hasta casa, olvídate de negociar con terceros para que recepcionen tu paquete y gana privacidad… en definitiva… haz tus compras online y olvídate. Tu pedido te espera en la puerta de tu casa.

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Reduce your costs and gain efficiency with Deliberty prime mailbox. We will tell you how…

Even in a 100 meters hurdles race, we don’t encounter as many barriers as in the last mile. That’s why we have decided to offer a product to improve the service offered in this conflictive stage of the supply chain through our device with which we guarantee the delivery of online packages on the first attempt, without being necessary for the receiver of the package to be at home.

Thanks to Deliberty Prime Mailbox packages will be delivered in 100% of cases, freeing space in the warehouse, reducing back office management and saving time and money in transfers and unnecessary interactions with customers.

Marketplaces and online shops will be benefited by the agility at the time of delivery because they will send the package directly to the door of the house of the buyer improving the customer buying experience.

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There is nothing more convenient for your customers than receiving the purchase of your product at the door of their home.

At Deliberty, we know how well the retailers have established the boom of online commerce and that’s why we have created the smart mailboxes. Deliberty has the aim of making your products reach the customer in the most convenient way: The product sold will arrive directly at the door of the final customer on the first attempt, without causing discomfort or headaches.

The boom of online shopping is due to the convenience offered by this format for the customer.

Thanks to Deliberty Prime Mailbox your final customers will receive the order at the door of their homes avoiding trips and long waits to pick up their purchase in points of coexistence. In addition, they will avoid unnecessary negotiations with dealers or third parties to agree a delivery and they will receive your order with complete privacy.

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