Deliberty smart mailboxes are designed so that they can be used by any user who has a smartphone. As we do not demand or change anything from the carrier or ecommerce, all your orders will be delivered or returned without problems.

Start your mailbox!

1. Download the APP

Look for us like Deliberty Prime Mailbox

2. Regístrate en la app

Register your Deliberty mailbox by pressing "My first mailbox" button and enter the license plate that you wil find on the back of the lock. Then add the information that the app requests.

3. Sincroniza tu smartphone al buzón inteligente

a. Conecta el bluetooh del móvil
b. Pulsa las teclas A y B en el teclado del buzón inteligente.
c. Presiona “Abrir Buzón” y “abrir” en la app.

You already have it configurated, start enjoying your DELIBERTY mailbox!

1. Create an access code. The generated codes are for a single use, once used, they cant be used again.

2. Copy it and add it to the delivery address or comments when processing your order in any online store. Recommendation: Indicate that it is a smart mailbox and send the code that has to be used for it. Example: Ave./Freedom Nº1 (A1234B Mailbox code).
Recomendación: Índica que es un buzón inteligente y que el código corresponde a él. Ejemplo: C/ Libertad nº1 (A1234B Código buzón).

3. Wait for the delivery man to use the code and insert the package into the mailbox.

The process will depend on the ecommerce in witch you have made the purchase.

In order to make a return you will have to generate a code, but this time by selecting the "return" button. Please add it to the pickup address.

Create a code for someone else to pick up or drop off an item inside the Deliberty mailbox. Send him the code that you have generated for this action through WhatsApp, email or call

When he goes to pick up or drop off the package, he will enter the code and access your mailbox.

Share the Deliberty mailbox with whoever you want (family, friends…), so they can receive and return packages without being aware of you.
In order to add a new user to the mailbox, you will have to go to "users" setion, click on "add user" and register their email in the box that will appear on the screen.

The new user will receive a confirmation email and a password, with whitch they can access the Deliberty APP and start generating codes for their online purchases

If the user is previously registered in Deliberty and you add them as a new user to your mailbox, the opinion to use the smart mailbox you have added will appear directly in their APP.

My profile: You can modify the information of your profile, your access password and the digital signature.

Mailbox data:You will be able to modify the data of your mailbox from this function.

HelpYou can review the initial information tour or access the most frequently asked questions on the Deliberty webside.

Manage mailboxes:This function allows an owner to manage different mailboxes in different locations, in order to receive and return items in differente Deliberty mailboxes, whether they are owned by you or being a user of them.