Deliberty Prime Mailbox ON is the biggest and deepest version of the mailbox. Its perfect to be instaled on the floor the entrance of your home.


Envíos y devoluciones

Shipping ON smart mailbox: Standard 7-10 business days / Custom: Check deadlines.

Returns smart mailbox ON: Standard 30 business days / Custom - Returns are not allowed. 


Replace the traditional mailbox. With Deliberty Prime Mailbox ON receive and return all your parcels without being present at home. This smart mailbox is especially suitable for installation on a plinth on the floor. especially suitable for installing attached to the facade of your home or to the wall that closes your property. It can also be installed on a plinth in the ground.

Its technology will allow you to effectively manage your mailbox and share it with whoever you want through your smartphone

By replacing the traditional letterbox with a smart one that receives parcels, you prevent delivery companies from failing to deliver and therefore reduce your carbon footprint, making your home more efficient and sustainable.

The smart mailbox comes with the materials and accessories to be tied down: Expansion screws, hinges, washer and batteries.

Model: ON55 / measurements: 500x500x300 (height x width x depth).

Options to customize

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ON smart mailbox PRICE 

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  • Smart mailboxes made of fiberglass reinforced polyester.
  • RAL 7035 light gray color. 
  • Self-extinguishing material, incandescent wire at 960º according to standard UNE-EN 60695-2-10 (IEC 60695).
  • Thermal class F material according to UNE 21305 Standard. 
  • IK-10 impact resistance in accordance with EN 50102 (IEC 62262) with a new door system that gives it great impact strength.
  • Resistant to the harshest weather conditions: withstands temperatures between 30º below zero and 85º.
  • With its lightness it offers easy installation.
  • Fully customized in color and laser screen printed with logo marking.
  • Outdoor resistant keyboard.
  • Mailbox for parcels with smart lock. (Includes key for manual opening)
  • Deliberty App compatible with Android / IOS. 


How to install your smart mailbox.

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The ON Smart Mailbox model is ideal for install on solid ground or wall, in both cases, its installation will be the same: anchor it with its 4 tie-down points. 

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