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Our mailboxes are compatible with all logistics companies.


We offer innovative technology solutions to receive and return parcels without concerns.

With our tellers and smart mailboxes for parcels that are adaptable to your needs.


We develop customized technological solutions adapted to the needs of each project. Able to solve any problem of receipt and return of the parcel.

Build the project of the future in the present, adding value to an innovative and environmentally responsible home.

It is increasingly common to receive and return purchases online at the office. Offer a delivery and collection service of parcels in your company. We advise you.

We help you to define solutions that best fit your situation. Developing technology specific to the delivery and collection of the parcel.

Would you like your customers to be able to pick up their orders quickly, safely and without waiting in line? Offer pick-up points and forget about schedules.

Receive the 100% of your packages.

Personalized advice.

Return your online packages.

Safe and impact resistant.

All logistics companies deliver.

Without limit of deliveries or users.


Replace your traditional mailbox with a smart mailbox that receives and returns all your packages for you and effortlessly. Start enjoying the freedom of having a Deliberty smart mailbox and forget about delivery people, schedules and queues.


Technologically prepared to offer integral solutions for the reception of parcels in any environment. Our range of products is broad and modifiable to the specific needs of each project.


Our experience tells us that, just as there are not a single type of trading or a single type of client, there is only one solution to solve efficiently the delivery of parcels. That's why, we will help you to define the set of solutions that best fit your needs with tellers and mailbox to receive packets.

And so, you will be able to receive and return all your parcels to you regardless of where you made the purchase (in an online platform or local trade.)


We develop technological and specific solutions for each project with our smart mailboxes and lockers.


We innovate in solutions that adapt to the needs of new consumption habits.


Adaptable to the structure of your home, project or business. And is customizable to the characteristics of the service that you require.


Closes the life cycle of a package, and improves the shopping experience. So easy, agile, and revolutionary.


Our tellers and mailboxes to receive parcels offer the best solution to receive and return parcels without concerns.


By receiving the packages the first time we will prevent 420,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.


All of the logistics companies deliver on our tellers and smart mailboxes. Streamlining processes and saving costs.


Through our set of solutions you will have control over the entire logistics process, finalizing the package delivery process.