When we talk about smart lockers, it seems that we are referring to the same product. The reality is that every need has its solution. Perhaps externally it is the same or very similar: a closet with doors of different sizes and a more or less large screen. 

Can this be called a smart locker? We don't think so. The intelligent is the intelligence and the intelligence must be flexible, able to adapt to very different uses and needs.

Although it seems that it is about "receiving orders without being present", this can happen in very different ways and the actors involved in these processes may have their own needs that must be answered so that everyone gets what they expect.

We give you the solutions which suits you best.




The advantages of having a Deliberty smart locker

We adapt to your needs

We develop the best technology to adapt to any type of scenario and that the solution is completely adjusted to your needs. 

Promotes omnichannel

They are one of the tools of the omnichannel era and they allow you to interact without contact, pick up and return your online purchases without having to be at home or create collection points at points of convenience. 

All logistics companies deliver, without exception.

It doesn't matter where you shop: in any ecommerce or even in local commerce. All logistics companies deliver to our smart box office.

Receive the 100% of your packages.

The future can be unpredictable. Receive and return 100% of your online purchases in our smart lockers for packages. 

Aid to the environment.

Failed deliveries emit 420,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. With a smart mailbox or box office we will prevent carriers from making second trips and we will help avoid that type of contamination.

It's safe and you'll maintain your privacy.

All your packages will be safe and well protected within our smart locker. In addition, you will maintain privacy by being the only one who knows what you receive. 

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This perspective leads us to develop systems capable of integrating different solutions, present and future, so that efficiency in deliveries is the reason that determines which solution or combination of solutions are the best for each case and each moment.  

At Deliberty we provide our partners with the best technology and a capacity for innovation and adaptation to new scenarios that really represent a differential factor, now and in the future.

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