Enjoy your freedom with a smart mailbox for parcels

We are sure that you do more and more shopping online and that you have had to wait more than once for the delivery driver to arrive with your order.  

Forget the delivery man and start enjoying your freedom!

Replace your traditional mailbox with a bigger and smarter one that receives all your parcels for you, right on your doorstep, worry-free. 

Deliberty is the replacement for the traditional mailbox for the 21st century, an indispensable device for the modern homeowner. In addition, our mailboxes for receiving orders are made to be installed outdoors and have unbeatable qualities to protect the packages that are inside. 

Find out which one suits you best. 

Buzón inteligente para paquetería con paquetes en su interior

Introducing our smart mailboxes

It doesn't matter where you buy, or where you live.

Our smart mailboxes for parcels adapt to you and your home.
Whether you live in a villa on the countryside or in an apartment building in the city centre, we have a smart mailbox for you.

Individual Mailboxes

Buzones individuales de paquetería para vivienda unifamiliar

We recommend an individual smart mailbox for single-family homes. However, there are always exceptions and it can also be adapted to other types of homes and/or buildings. 

The most common are:

Mailbox grouping

Agrupación de buzones para paquetería en una comunidad de vecinos

A grouping of mailboxes makes it possible to serve multiple people while making maximum use of the space available for installation. 

As it is modular, there is no building that can resist it. It is ideal for:

The smart lock for our parcel boxes

Turn your mobile phone into the key to open the mailbox

Deliberty mailboxes are equipped with a new generation smart lock called CCBOX which provides the technology to enable the mailboxes to receive and return parcels without being present.

Its operation is very simple. Our lock synchronises with your mobile phone via Bluetooth so that you have total control of the mailbox through our free App.

In a few clicks you can

We keep working every day on the development and optimisation of its operation in order to offer an agile, simple and efficient service.

The CCBOX lock is responsible for making Deliberty mailboxes smart.

How does a smart mailbox work?

The use of a Deliberty mailbox for parcels is very simple

A mailbox, an app and a lot of time to spend. 

The operation of our mailboxes for single-family homes is very easy, you only need to have our app installed on your smartphone. 

With it you can open the mailbox to receive parcels, generate opening codes, view the history of parcels received... and much more.

Find out how the Deliberty smart mailbox works.

Advantages of having a Deliberty mailbox

Receive the 100% of your packages.

The future may be unpredictable, your parcels may not be. Receive and return 100% of your online purchases in a smart mailbox for parcels. 

Aid to the environment.

Failed deliveries emit 420,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. With a mailbox for parcels we will prevent carriers from making second trips and help to avoid this kind of pollution.

It's safe and you'll maintain your privacy.

All your parcels will be safe and well protected inside our smart mailboxes for single-family homes. Plus, you'll maintain privacy by being the only one who knows what you're receiving. 

All logistics companies deliver, without exception.

It doesn't matter where you shop: in any ecommerce or even in local shops. All logistics companies deliver to our mailboxes to receive parcels. 

Share it with whoever you want.

The owner of the mailbox for parcels can share it with other people so that they can also receive parcels. For example, a flatmate buys the mailbox (he/she would be the owner) and could make the rest of the flatmates users so that they can use it. 

It is very easy to use.

It's as simple as generating a code with the Deliberty app for each online purchase you make, adding it to the shipping address and waiting for the delivery driver to deliver the package to your doorstep. 

Find out more about the advantages of having a mailbox to receive parcels:

How to install a mailbox for packages?

Deliberty order mailboxes are made to be installed outdoors and have unbeatable qualities to protect the packages that are inside. 

Our product range is adaptable to any scenario both aesthetically and physically. It even allows you to adapt its depth to the thickness of the enclosure, thus increasing its capacity to receive larger packages.

Before deciding which mailbox for villas you want to buy, we recommend that you think about the type of installation you are going to do. Each mailbox for parcels is designed for a different type of installation and will be in accordance with the enclosure of your home.

buzón inteligente de color antracita adosado a la pared


On the outside of your property, on the façade of the house or on the boundary wall. Attach the mailbox to any wall that suits you.

buzón inteligente blanco empotrado en un muro


Prepared for recessing into a wall niche. Adaptable to the size of the wall. It will be perfectly integrated and easy to access for you and the carrier.

buzón inteligente blanco instalado en una valla


Install your mailbox easily securing it on the fence, enclosure of your property.