Model: DBT AT44B

Size: 400 x 400 x 200mm

Inner capacity: 373 x 357 x 173mm
(height x width x depth)

Mailbox for small and medium-sized packages

With the AT44B smart mailbox you can forget about waiting for the delivery driver and all the problems associated with home delivery.

You will never have to worry about the day or time of delivery of your orders again, because your smart mailbox will pick them up for you.

Its compact and elegant design allows you to install it anywhere. 

The AT44B mailbox is for you if you don't normally order a lot at the same time or if the parcels you receive are smaller than the size of this mailbox.

This mailbox is very versatile and is designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can choose between different types of installation: attached to the facade of your home or to a fence and embedded in the wall that encloses the property.

It is very easy to install. In addition to being made of polyester, it is very light, which makes it easy to handle and install.

Its technology will allow you to efficiently manage the mailbox for single-family homes by sharing it with whomever you want through your Smartphone and the free Deliberty APP suitable for IOS and Android.

Available in two colours

Buzón inteligente DBTAT44B en color blanco
White AT44B
Buzón inteligente DBTAT44B en color antracita
Anthracite AT44B

Choose your favourite AT44B mailbox colour in our shop

Compatible with all of the logistics companies

No matter where you buy

To receive your orders in the mailbox you just have to make sure you enter an opening code in the checkout process so that the deliverer can open it.

Receive 100% of your orders

Any deliverer can deliver your orders to your mailbox without you having to be at home, so you don't have to wait for a delivery person!

Neither electricity nor Wi-Fi connection

To connect to it you only need a smartphone. This allows you to place the mailbox both indoors and outdoors.

Total management from your mobile

With the Deliberty App you can easily open it, create codes, add users and access your code history.

Aid to the environment

By ensuring that deliveries are completed the first time, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Your home will be more sustainable and efficient.

Instalación del buzón inteligente AT44B

Choose the type of installation that best suits your home

Our mailboxes for parcels are very versatile, they are designed to be installed in three different ways that can be adapted to the characteristics of any single-family home. We recommend you to locate a visible and accessible place at the entrance of your house or villa and think about the type of installation that suits you best. 

Choose between installing your future smart mailbox attached to a wall, embedded in a wall or attached to a fence.

Buzón para paquetes con bocacartas incluido adosado a la pared


On the outside of your property, on the façade of the house or on the boundary wall. Attach the mailbox to any wall that suits you.

buzón inteligente blanco empotrado en un muro


Prepared for recessing into a wall niche. Adaptable to the size of the wall. It will be perfectly integrated and easy to access for you and the carrier.

buzón inteligente blanco instalado en una valla


Install your mailbox easily securing it on the fence, enclosure of your property.

Many households like yours already have an AT44B.

César Nogales
César Nogales
AT44B | Detached House
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Without a doubt my best purchase. Since I installed it in October I have not had any problems, all the orders I have placed have arrived the first time. Even the delivery man has thanked me for having installed this mailbox. I am very happy, I recommend it.
Beatriz de Haro
Beatriz de Haro
AT44B | Villa
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The anthracite colour is a real eye-catcher! And what can we say about the mailbox... we are delighted!
Paola Ortiz
Paola Ortiz
AT44B | Single-family house
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The best thing is that I don't care if the delivery man shows up at 10 o'clock or 8 o'clock in the evening because I know he will deliver without any problems.
Fran Río
Fran Río
AT44B | Detached House
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I worked as a delivery man for a few years and I think it's wonderful. I wish these mailboxes had become fashionable back then, it would have saved me a lot of trips hahaaha I bet!

90% of buyers would recommend to a friend or neighbour

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