Agrupación de buzones para paquetería en una comunidad de vecinos

Smart mailboxes do not have to be exclusive devices for single-family homes, nor do smart lockers have to be the only option for communities of neighbours.

At Deliberty we seek to provide a solution for all types of homes, buildings or spaces interested in solving the problems associated with the reception and return of parcels. That is why we have developed a system that combines the characteristics of our individual mailboxes and those of a collective locker.

As the name suggests, the mailbox grouping is a set of individual smart mailboxes. Each module has the features of our individual mailboxes for single-family homes, with the advantage that they can be stacked so that they can be used by several owners.

Mailboxes group for a new construction project

Mailboxes for individual use

Each owner has a private space that allows him to receive parcels and postal mail in the same place.

Without sharing with others

No more conflicts with other neighbours for receiving parcels at the same time and running out of space. There is room for everyone.

Neither electricity nor Wi-Fi connection

The mailboxes are powered by long-life batteries. When not in use, the system remains inactive to save battery power.

Indoor and outdoor

Ready to be installed in any weatherproof location. Your orders will be kept safe inside.

Easy management through the App

Create opening codes, open the mailbox without keys, give access to other people... with our free app for Android/IOS.

Modular and customisable

In terms of number of modules, layout, size and finish to suit your needs and space.

Compatible with all of the logistics companies

No matter where you buy

Our mailboxes allow you to receive and return parcels from all logistics companies, no matter where you shop. Just make sure you include a valid opening code in the checkout process so that the delivery driver can access the mailbox and deliver your order.

Communities and offices can now also benefit from the advantages of our individual smart mailboxes.

How to set up a mailbox grouping

Choose the installation that best suits the space.

One of the main advantages of grouping mailboxes is that the modules can be configured and ordered as you like. So you can give it a vertical or horizontal aspect depending on what suits you best.

Once you have defined the number of modules and their arrangement, you can choose the installation that best suits the space allocated for the set of smart mailboxes.

Like our individual mailboxes, the grouping of mailboxes is very versatile and can be installed in different ways: attached or recessed to the wall, or directly on the floor.

There is no right or wrong configuration or installation, you choose the one that best suits you.

Smart lockers: another solution that might interest you

If you are looking for a solution for vertical housing, apartment blocks or companies and offices, you might also be interested in taking a look at our smart lockers.

Collective Smart Lockers

Integrates mailboxes for postal mail together with modules for parcels of different sizes.

Click & Collect Smart Lockers

Lockers made up of modules of different sizes exclusively for receiving parcels.

Special Smart Lockers

Special solutions for unique projects such as this locker for a rural area that combines several possibilities.


Every building is unique, and so is every person. That's why we tailor our integrated solutions for receiving and returning parcels to the needs of each individual.

Our mission is to offer parcel solutions, not standard products. This perspective leads us to develop systems capable of integrating different solutions, present and future, so that delivery efficiency is the reason that determines which solution or combination of solutions is the best for each case and each moment.

At Deliberty we provide our partners with the best technology and a capacity for innovation and adaptation to new scenarios that really represent a differential factor, now and in the future.

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