Creamos soluciones integrales para recibir y devolver paquetería.

The last mile or the delivery of packages at home has become a race to see who serves before and at the lowest price. This race is not sustainable for any of us, much less for the environment.

This challenge has had different responses with very different models: smart lockers for neighborhood communities, click & collect smart lockers, smart mailboxes for single-family homes, integrated systems for the rural world, points of convenience.

All of them are partial solutions and it is not easy to choose which one best suits the needs of all the agents involved. 

Soluciones Integrales para recibir y devolver paquetería.

At Deliberty we are focused on providing solutions for parcel delivery in the last mile environment. Our experience tells us that, just as there is no single type of business or a single type of customer, there is no single solution to efficiently resolve the delivery of purchases made from any online platform or local commerce. 


Desarrollamos sistemas tecnológicos personalizados y adaptados a las necesidades de cada proyecto. Capaces de solucionar cualquier problema de recepción y devolución de paquetería con nuestros dispositivos inteligentes.

Soluciones integrales para construcción.


Añade valor a tu proyecto adaptándolo a los nuevos hábitos de consumo de los propietarios de una vivienda moderna con un taquillero o buzón inteligente.


It is increasingly common to receive and return purchases online at the office. Offer a delivery and collection service of parcels in your company. We advise you.


We help you define the solution that best suits your situation and we develop the specific technology for the delivery and collection of parcels.

Local trade

Would you like your customers to be able to pick up their orders quickly, safely and without waiting in line? Offer pick-up points and forget about schedules.

Soluciones integrales para logística.

Logistic company

We provide a solution to the delivery of parcels in the last mile, lowering your logistics costs, saving time and providing sustainability.


Improves the user experience by offering parcel reception and return solutions to close the purchase cycle with satisfaction. 


We will analyze what your needs are for receiving and returning parcels, regardless of what type of entity, project or home it is.


We will offer you a set of solutions adaptable to your needs because we understand that each project is different



Replace your traditional mailbox with a smart mailbox that receives and returns all your packages for you and effortlessly. Start enjoying the freedom of having a Deliberty smart mailbox and forget about delivery people, schedules and queues.


Technologically prepared to offer integral solutions for the reception of parcels in any environment. Our range of products is broad and modifiable to the specific needs of each project.


Adaptamos las soluciones integrales para recibir y
devolver paquetería a tus necesidades.

This perspective leads us to develop systems capable of integrating different solutions, present and future, so that efficiency in deliveries is the reason that determines which solution or combination of solutions are the best for each case and each moment.  

At Deliberty we provide our partners with the best technology and a capacity for innovation and adaptation to new scenarios that really represent a differential factor, now and in the future.

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