Disfruta de tu libertad con un buzón inteligente para paquetería

We are sure that each time you make more purchases online, and you touched on more than one occasion to wait for the dealer to that will come with your order.  

I forget the dealer and start to enjoy your freedom!

Replaces your mailbox is traditional for one of the biggest and intelligent that you will receive all your packages for you, on the door of your house and without concerns. 

Deliberty is the replacement of the mailbox traditional for the TWENTY-first century, an indispensable device for the owner of a housing moderna. In addition, our mailbox to receive the orders are made to be installed outdoors, and they have some qualities that are unsurpassed in order to protect the packages that are hosted on the inside. 

Discover which is the one that best fits your needs. 

Buzón inteligente para paquetería con paquetes en su interior

Te presentamos nuestros buzones inteligentes

No importa donde compres, ni donde vivas.

Nuestros buzones inteligentes para paquetería se adaptan tanto a ti como a tu vivienda.
Tanto si vives en un chalet a las afueras como en un edificio de viviendas en pleno centro de la ciudad, tenemos un buzón inteligente para ti.

Buzones individuales

Buzones individuales de paquetería para vivienda unifamiliar

Recomendamos un buzón inteligente individual para viviendas unifamiliares. De todas maneras, siempre existen excepciones y también se puede adaptar a otro tipo de viviendas y/o edificios. 

Las más habituales son:

Agrupación de buzones

Agrupación de buzones para paquetería en una comunidad de vecinos

Una agrupación de buzones permite dar servicio a múltiples personas aprovechando el espacio disponible para su instalación al máximo. 

Al ser módulable no hay edificio que se le resista. Es ideal para:

La cerradura inteligente de nuestros buzones para paquetes

Convierte tu móvil en la llave para abrir el buzón

Los buzones Deliberty cuentan con una cerradura inteligente de nueva generación llamada CCBOX que les proporciona la tecnología para que los buzones puedan recibir y devolver paquetería sin estar presente.

Su funcionamiento es muy sencillo. Nuestra cerradura se sincroniza con tu móvil por Bluetooth para que tengas control total del buzón a través de nuestra App gratuita.

En un par de clics podrás

Cada día seguimos trabajando en el desarrollo y optimización de su funcionamiento para ofrecer un servicio ágil, sencillo y eficiente.

La cerradura CCBOX es la responsable de convertir los buzones Deliberty en inteligentes.

¿Cómo funciona un buzón inteligente?

El uso de un buzón para paquetes Deliberty, es muy sencillo

A mailbox, an app and a lot of time to take advantage of. 

The operation of our mailboxes to single-family home is very easy, you just need to have installed our app on your smartphone. 

With it, you will open the mailbox to receive packets, you'll generate codes of opening, you'll be able to see the history of received packets... and much more.

Discover how it works the mailbox smart for parcels Deliberty.

Advantages of having a Deliberty parcel box

Receive the 100% of your packages.

The future can be unpredictable, that the location of your packages is not. Receives and returns 100% of your online purchases in a mailbox smart packages. 

Helps the environment

Failed deliveries emit 420.000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. With a mailbox for packages avoid the carriers seconds travel and will help you to avoid this type of contamination.

It is safe and you will maintain your privacy.

All your packages will be safe and well protected in our smart mailboxes for single-family housing. In addition, you will keep your privacy, be you the only one who knows what you get. 

All logistics companies deliver.

No matter where you purchase: in any ecommerce or even in the local trade. All of the logistics companies delivered to our mailbox to receive packets. 

Share it with whoever you want.

The owner of the mailbox for parcels can share it with those who consider that they may receive packages also. For example, a roommate purchase the mailbox (to be the owner) and it could make users to the rest of their classmates, for that he could use. 

It is very easy to use.

It is as simple as generating a code with the app Deliberty for each online purchase you make, add it to the shipping address and wait for the dealer to deliver the package, on the front of your house. 

Discover more about the advantages of having a mailbox to receive packets:

¿Cómo instalar un buzón para paquetes?

Mailboxes for orders Deliberty are made to be installed outdoors, and they have some qualities that are unsurpassed in order to protect the packages that are hosted on the inside. 

Our product range is adaptable to any scenario, both aesthetic and physical. Even allows you to adjust your depth to the thickness of the enclosure, thus increasing their ability to stop receiving larger packets.

Before you decide which mailbox to chalets want to buy, we recommend that reflections about the type of installation you are going to carry. Each mailbox for parcels is designed for a different type of installation and shall be commensurate with the closing of your home.

buzón inteligente de color antracita adosado a la pared


On the outside of your farm, on the facade of the house or in the wall that delimits it. Backed with the mailbox to any wall that fits you well.

buzón inteligente blanco empotrado en un muro


Ready to be wall mounted in a niche in the wall. Adaptable to the size of the wall. Will be perfectly integrated, and your access will be easy for you and the carrier.

buzón inteligente blanco instalado en una valla


Install your mailbox easily securing it on the fence, enclosure of your farm.