Receive and return all your online purchases with a parcel box

At Deliberty we are constantly thinking about how to help our customers solve the problem of receiving their orders without incidents or delays. We try to ensure that our mailboxes for parcels are the right size to receive the highest percentage of orders and, at the same time, that they are as unobtrusive and unobtrusive as possible. For this reason, our mailboxes can be installed in many different ways, expanding their useful space as far as the characteristics of the place allow it.

But we do not stop there, we continue to develop models with other sizes and finishes. All of our intelligent mailboxes have a state-of-the-art intelligent lock called CCBOXThis technology turns the mailbox into an intelligent device capable of receiving and returning parcels without the need for you to be at home.

Our smart mailbox models

All our models of parcel boxes make home delivery easier for both the recipient and the delivery person, as all deliveries are ensured the first time without the need to be at home.

No matter where you live, our package mailboxes adapt to your type of home so you can enjoy all the advantages they offer.

Take a look at our different models of smart mailboxes for single-family homes or communities of neighbors.

Individual Mailboxes

Buzones individuales de paquetería para vivienda unifamiliar

Mailbox grouping

Agrupación de buzones para paquetería en una comunidad de vecinos

Reasons to have a smart mailbox

You receive all your orders the first time

No more notifications telling you that your order could not be delivered because you were absent.

Forget about the time/date of delivery.

Don't worry about keeping track of your order status changes and the delivery date or time. Your mailbox will do it for you.

Aid to reduce emissions

By having a delivery point always available, you help logistics deliveries avoid making additional trips for a second delivery attempt and optimize their routes.

Unlimited deliveries and users

You and all the users you give access to, can generate infinite codes to receive and return as many orders as you want, without limit!

Need more reasons?

In the following article we give you 10+1 reasons why you should have a smart mailbox.