¿Qué son los taquilleros colectivos inteligentes? Se trata de un taquillero inteligente para recibir y devolver paquetes, compartido por los vecinos de una comunidad y situado en un portal o en una zona comunitaria.

Although the collective locker, outside of what it may seem, also has other types of uses and functions. It's not just about choosing a number of modules, colors or sizes. You will have to ask yourself a series of questions before you can adapt the technology of the smart blockbusters to your needs: 

  • What happens if the space in which the box office is located has a door and the carriers cannot access?
  • What do we do if a neighbor abuses and always has the smart locker busy?
  • What if someone receives a package when they are on vacation and leave a locker busy for a month?
  • What if you are a company and want to offer a service so that employees can receive orders at reception?

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taquilleros para recibir paquetería.


Once again, the answers to these questions make us create solutions adapted to the real needs of your situations, communities of neighbors, companies ... Creating different configurations in each case and attending to the small details of use, management, sizes, scalability, etc. 

Lo importante es que un taquillero inteligente para uso colectivo satisfaga realmente las necesidades de todos los actores que van a tener relación con él.

¿Te ayudamos a gestionar el tuyo?

Taquillero inteligente de gestión individual



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Eligiendo la mejor solución para recibir y devolver paquetería.

This perspective leads us to develop systems capable of integrating different solutions, present and future, so that efficiency in deliveries is the reason that determines which solution or combination of solutions are the best for each case and each moment.  

At Deliberty we provide our partners with the best technology and a capacity for innovation and adaptation to new scenarios that really represent a differential factor, now and in the future.

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