Logistic company

 Not even in a 100-meter hurdles race do we enconunter as many barriers as in the last mile.

That´s why we have decided to offer a product to improve the service offered in this conflictive logistics stage. Through our device we guarantee the delivery and return of the parcel in first attempt, without the need for the recipient of the package to be at home.

Our business model doesn,t require the logistic companies to install an APP or other kind of integrations and we do not charge them anything. We even provide them the receipt of delivery signed by the recipient.

Easy, free, for everyone.

No extra delivery cost


No expecific software integrated into the system


With delivery note


What is your porcentage of failed deliveries?

Thanks to Deliberty Prime Mailbox, packages will be delivered in 100% of the cases, freeing up space in the warehouse, reducing back office procedures and saving time and money on unnecessary transfers and interactions with final customers.

Marketplaces and eCommerce stores will benefit from the agility at the time of delivery since they will send the package directly to the door of buyer´s home, improving the shopping experience.

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