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A mailbox, an APP and a lot of time to spend.

Deliberty is your new smart mailbox to receive and return online packages at your home whether or not you are there. It´s the mailbox of the 21st century.

Thanks to Deliberty, buying online it has never being that easy.

Buy from werever you want and forget abou the delivery, your packages will be waiting for you in your Deliberty mailbox at your home door.

Receive the 100% of your purchases.


All logistic companies deliver.


Easy to use


Worry-free returns




Share it with whoever you want


Forget about…

In short, make your online purchases and forget about the rest

Your purchase will be now waiting for you.

Además, podrás compartirlo con quien quieras manteniendo el control de su uso y sin que te molesten.

Discover our range of products designed to be adapted to any surface.

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