About us

The idea of replacing the traditional mailbox with a Deliberty smart mailbox was born in the 3i+D department of Uriarte Safybox company, a multinational that has production centers in Spain, Poland and Portugal.

Being within this business group as a spin-off allows us to create synergies obtaining a global sales force and a production capacity to manufacture 200 devices per day.

Deliberty is the personal mailbox for the reception and return of parcels oriented to single-family homes, townhouses and isolated locations. Deliberty is the mailbox of the 21st centrury. An indispensable device for the modern homeowner.

Deliberty devices are manufactured to be installed outdoors and have unbeatable qualities to protect parcels that are housed indoors.

Any logistic company can make deliveries and returns on our devices without the need of any type of integration in their systems.

Its intelligence allows a control of each delivery and/or return for the owner and a delivery note for the courier.

Packages will be delivered or returned to the owner address in the 100% of cases.